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A Memoir of Abuse and Grace

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Scared Child

Growing up is challenging under the best of circumstances.

But when your own parents invalidate and undermine you at every turn, beat you, and berate you it can become unbearable. Imagine having no support system, only a toxic household of demands and harsh words.  

This is the story of Denise Brown and her five sisters navigating the terrible abuse their parents committed against them.  It is the unforgettable account of how she pled for reprieve when it seemed none would come.

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t help abused children?

He does, but not in the ways you might expect.

Through God’s grace, she broke the cycle, transforming herself through her school and church to emerge as a compassionate, successful adult and dentist.

In Transcending Darkness: A Memoir of Abuse and Grace, you will meet the people in Denise’s story: her mother, father, sisters and God as she knows Him. From cowering in a puddle of her own urine to a healthy, functional woman at peace with her past, you can walk alongside her―maybe even into your own healing.

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This book is the fulfillment of a promise she made to the Creator when she cried out for mercy. God would see her through, and in turn she would share her story and help others overcome their tribulations.

Love can grow from hate, light can dispel darkness, good does overcome evil, and triumph can spring from suffering.

Transcending Darkness Book

Experience grace and resilience, and begin your own journey of Transcending Darkness today.

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About the Author

Denise Brown lives happily in South Carolina with her husband and son while practicing orthodontics. She graduated summa cum laude from UCONN with a BGS degree in both the sciences and creative writing. She earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from SUNY Buffalo, also summa cum laude, followed by her orthodontic residency at UCSF.

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